September 8, 2020
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Clash of Tanks: Mech Battle

We love war games, but we’re bored by the fact that it’s constantly happening anywhere in the world. We need a more interesting War game, don’t we ? Everyone thinks so.That’s where Clash of Tanks comes in.

Taking place in space, this war game sends you to any part of space you never knew, and allows you to fight against people who are rivals to you there. Your goal in these battles is to win trophies by defeating your opponents.

By playing games like this and that, you will both have fun and not notice how time passes from fun. Speaking of time, didn’t we mention that this game is in real time?

Yeah ,you didn’t read it wrong, this game is real time, we don’t say in vain that you won’t notice how time passes. As you can tell by the name, you are fighting tanks in this game.

As we mentioned at the beginning, you are sent to any part of space and you are trying to survive there, you can produce your own equipment as you want, and you can play online with many players. Thanks to this game, you both have fun and discover new technologies.

In general, it is a free game, as most of us want, but there are also products in the game that you can buy for Real Money.

If you want to play a game created according to real time and fight in space with real players, there is no excuse for you to play this game. Then download the game and start playing immediately..

Clash Of Tanks… Your game is your war.


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