CROSSFIRE: Warzone – Strategy War Game


March 15, 2021
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CROSSFIRE: Warzone – Strategy War Game

It is a zombie hunting game that is realistic and very fun. The city of solenx is a battleground.You’ll try to get out of this area with your own efforts.

In this game, you can kill more zombies, earn more money, get new weapons, or improve your weapon. Featuring 12 realistic zones,this game consists of a total of 120 easy, medium and difficult levels.

When you do these 120 missions, you are now successfully out of the city of solenks and finished the game. Of course, before they do, you will need powerful weapons and a beautiful map.

CROSSFIRE You must defeat your enemies with what you have. You are waging these wars in forests,villages and mills in various parts of the city.

This game is 19. It contains weapons you’ve never seen in a century, perhaps in your life.And he wants you to kill zombies with these weapons.

This game can give you the full feeling of fighting zombies with realistic traffic and designs. By the way, you’re not the only one in this game.

You have a few friends with you who will allow you to kill zombies quickly and finish missions in a short time. One of the other good things about the game is that it doesn’t ask you for an internet connection so you can play.

CROSSFIRE In other words,you can play this game day and night, whether morning or evening, wherever you want. You’re a zombie hunter, so you don’t have to be afraid of them and fight them hard.

Always go forward.Don’t look back, ‘ cause there’ll be zombies in front of you any minute. That’s why you always have to be someone with an open eye.



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