April 1, 2021
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Mini Football – Mobile Soccer

Do you enjoy playing football too much?Do you always want to play football or are you looking for a football game? If that’s what you want, I’m offering you Mini Football.Choose your team in Mini football or build your own team and get ready to go out on the field with applause.

Mini Football will connect you more to the game of football,entertain you more than hemi. Get ready to beat your opponents in this game, which gives you the feeling of being a football player with realistic magic sounds.

Mini Football is already teaching you how easy and fun it is to play football. You don’t have to choose any team because you can customize it to your own team.

Design your own team with various jerseys, logos, cleats and give your team its new name. In more than one Stadium, whether you are a host or not, they will all give you a different feeling and entertain you. No one could play, play in the ranks and be the leader.

Become a team feared in stadiums. Every week you race in the features and get your rewards.Be first in the table and don’t quit the competition. Make your team stronger with the rewards you earn and become the world football champion.

Every week you’ll have a chance to go up in different leagues.Take this chance and don’t miss it. New and different stadiums will come.

You’re the leader, and the most feared team is your team. Once you play this game, you will be more connected to football and you will have a better chance of becoming a good footballer in the future.

This game will be played by people who can’t play real football but have that feeling through this game.You could be one of them. Download the game and start playing.

Mini Football… your game is your football player.



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