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March 17, 2021
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Rival Kingdoms: The Endless Night

In this game, you must save the Lost City by growing your own kingdom. Fight against enemies with groups of 300 assassins. Enter into a great online challenge with people around the world.

Chat globally with your teammates, talk about where to attack and make big 300-man raids. This game attracts the attention of many with its realistic new generation graphics and great challenges in an online way.

This game is a free game as well as being in real time. In order to become the leader of this game, which gives you a real combat experience with many players around the world, you need to enter big battles and win those battles.

You will never compromise your independence, and you will save other captured fighters and join your own army. In this way, our army will be strengthened and will take great steps towards becoming the leader of great wars.

Rival Kingdoms You must identify and eliminate hidden enemies who want to shoot you from the inside.In this way, you will be someone to be afraid of in the eyes of everyone, and no one will compete with you.

Legendary warriors must be able to unite and unite their forces. In this strategy game, all kinds of attacks will be made on you, but you need to be intimidated by these attacks, because if you are destroyed, you will be taruman in your army.

Rival Kingdoms As a result, all your dreams will be over, and you will be written as a historical loser. Then gather your legendary warriors, then eliminate them from outside to attack you and start the big fight to become the first. You will be the leader of this game. Then download the game and start the big fight.



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