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September 6, 2019
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Survival Island: EVO 2

Survival Island EVO is the most played worldwide by more and more people every day

Lists as the most enjoyed realistic survival game by Discovery to take its place in the first place

Continues. Every time the makers of this game constantly made new updates with interest

They try to bring more innovations on the day and because those who play can’t give up the game

As it turns out, they do it very well.

If you fell on an island, what would you take with you? If you don’t know what to buy, of course

Through this game you will learn.Alone, why you left, where you don’t remember where you came from

Try to survive on this wild island.Find out what juices you need to drink, which you never knew

By collecting the food, decide which one you should eat without poisonous poison. Name of the island

The ferocity it receives, the danger it harbors, comes from animals.Having clothes and eating

Survival Island you want to eat meat that provides more energy, prepare the best traps for animals your hunt is yours

So be it.Remember that your safety depends most on your shelter.Cutter hand tools

Create your own home with take advantage of the trees found in the forest. For protection from wild animals

Don’t forget to make your armor and attack tools. If you see the difficulty of survival, an island is also

If you want to learn what should be with you and have fun at the same time, this game is for you

Let’s start playing without wasting any more time.


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