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February 15, 2021
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Tank Stars

Tank Stars apk

Would you like to play a game where tanks throw bombs at each other? How do you think it feels to play a game where you can play with your friends?

Or how much fun can a game where everyone is facing each other? If you have such questions in mind, you are in the right place.

Because this game can answer exactly your questions.Aim with your tank and destroy the enemy tank. You must be careful when aiming, because if you cannot destroy the enemy tank, the enemy will destroy your tank.

Tank Stars

Tank Stars Mod Apk

So you have to get hit somehow.I’m sure you can destroy your enemies with our beautiful engagements.

It’s not enough to just get the right hit, you have to be fast.Because if you’re not fast, the enemy tank can act faster and throw the bomb on top of your tank and defeat your tank.

It’s not just a bomb, it’s a rocket, there are also missiles,anti-tank or ICE-holding weapons in this game.These features make the game even more attractive.

You must prepare for a great war and defeat your enemies.An online game, you will be able to play this game with 100 million people, so you will be able to play the game without getting bored.

Tank Stars

Tank Stars Unlimited Money

You can buy new tanks, but if you don’t have that much money, you can make the tank even more powerful with your money.This way, instead of buying a new tank, you can make a tank as powerful as a new tank.

Let the Great War begin.Tanks bombs each other , fire missiles,anti-tank missiles, or rockets, and everything will return to the battlefield.



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